January 2012 Board Info

The First Rule of Fight Club:
1.  PLEASE LURK!!!  If you have a question, please take the time to read the first page or two of posts.  Most times, you will find that your question has already been asked and answered.  A lot of questions can also be answered in the 1st Tri FAQs.
2.  Please add a picture of some sort to your siggy and avatar.  This makes it a lot easier for the ladies on the board to recognize and remember who you are.  If you don't know how, please see Tech Help below.

List of Weekly Posts:
  • Monday = Prayer Train & Motivational Monday
  • Tuesday = TTGP Grad Check-In & Baby Bump Check-In
  • Wednesday = PGAL Check-In & Hump Day Bump Day (HDBD)
  • Thursday = Thankful Thursday & Unpopular Opinions
  • Friday = Flame Free Friday Confessions (FFFC) & Workout Check-In
  • Saturday = Sh!t My SO Says
Thread Sorting:
Most regulars on TB sort by "last post."  This makes all of the recently active posts go to the top of the board in order from most recent activity to least recent activity.  To change your sorting, please look at the bottom of the board under Viewing Preferences.  Here, you will see a drop down menu for sort.  Change this to "last post" and then click apply.  Happy viewing!

Tech Help:
Need to know how to put something in your siggy?  Don't know how to PIP?  What are PMs?  Please check out the wonderful bio of Ambsies, it has a TON of great info!

What the heck is GBCB?  Can you tell me what PGAL is?  Check out the Bump Glossary!  Or the Nest Glossary!  Or the Unofficial Bump Glossary!

If you ever hear someone talking about chat, January 2012 has it's own gabbly room.  You can access it here.  If you've never used gabbly before, please type your screen name in the white box and then click the little man with the arrow. 

Betas are always a hot topic on the month boards and 1st tri.  Betabase is a great website where you can look at the averages of betas by day or week and you can even calculate your doubling time.  It's a great resource and we'd highly suggest you check it out!  ***Betabase seems to have been having server problems lately, and while this isn't as good of a resource you can still calculate your doubling times and see a general range for beta levels here.***

The very thoughtful mommas from January 2011 put together an advice post that is amazing!  Please check it out!

Is It Safe?!?:
Check out this site from the American Pregnancy Association with a huge list of what is and is not safe during pregnancy.

Foods to Avoid:
Here is a list from the American Pregnancy Association on what foods should be avoided during pregnancy.

Constipation/Gas Help:
Here are a few good sites about gas and constipation.  One from Baby Center.  And one from American Pregnancy Association.

A week by week guide with ultrasound photos and milestones in 1st tri.

Make Room For Baby:
A link showing the progression of body changes as you proceed through pregnancy.

Our Predictions:
BGG had the amazing idea to make a list of all of our predictions.  You can make and view the predictions here.